Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterdays Electronic Soul

With the purchase of a new deck recently I embarked on a journey back through some of the records I have brought over the last few years. And what with the end of the decade fast approaching I thought it was apt to compile a quirky edged soul mix from the silly named naughties 00's. Expect a varied selection of beautiful voices, squelchy bass lines, spacey mellow vibes and wonky beats but above all a nice feel good mood.
Hope you enjoy the quirky groove. All the best........ Mike

Yesterdays Electronic Soul

Track list
Meitz - My Love
Siji - Heal
Solar System - This you can't change
Heavenly Social - Untitled
Karuan - Liquid Time Space
Natalie Gardiner - Trouble in Mind (Quench remix)
London Elektricity - Born to Synthesise
Lizz Fields - When I see love (Dub part 2)
Liquid Loop - Crazy Baby
The Lithium Project - Majik Kiosk
Beanfield - Kiss
Joy Jones - Beautiful
Rumklang - Moonlight Walking
Elmore Judd - Eigenfunkion
Tubbs - I Feel
Sandboy - Pomegranate
Outro - CDEB


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